The Ferment Signature Tasting Experience.

$15 PER PERSON  | 1-6 PERSONS  |  1 HOUR

Our Signature tasting consists of 5 tastes per person from 10 different
cellar doors exclusive to Ferment.

 The Ferment Bespoke Curated Tasting Experience

$30 PER PERSON  | 1-6 PERSONS  |  1 HOUR

Our Bespoke curated tasting consists of 5 tastes per person from 7 different
cellar doors exclusive to Ferment.

HOO-S-EGG Origins

HOO-S-EGG Origins

“Philip wanted time to fulfill his dream – to make small parcels of wine that can stand amongst the finest wines from anywhere. This reflects his philosophy on wine making: select an exceptional site and the right varieties. Marry the vineyard and the winemaking. Every wine should be placed on it’s own canvas and not replicate others. You should be guiding the direction of the wine, not controlling it, always challenging the achievements. In style, Philip wants to make wines that are elegant, vibrant, varietal, intense and complex.”

HOOSEGG Tasting by Ferment

$50 PER PERSON  | 1-6 PERSONS  |  1 HOUR

Fullfilling his dream, Philip has established a small winery, utilising parcels of select fruit from the Koomooloo vineyard which he established 30 years ago, state-of-the-art winemaking equipment, the best new oak – and all the lessons learned making wine over the past 60 years.

This new venture is called HOOSEGG. Why? Well, the ‘HOO’ is Philip – to avoid any confusion with Philip Shaw Wines – and the ‘EGG’ is to symbolize ‘a new beginning’.

Wine Bar & Enomatic Wine Tastings

$10 PER PERSON  | 1-6 PERSONS  |  1.5 HOUR

Experience Ferment’s cellar door wines and other bespoke curated wines from Orange, by the glass or bottle in our wine bar or outdoor areas.
Ferment also offers Wine Tastings from our 3 state-of-the-art Enomatic machines.

Check availability and book your bespoke tasting experience today !


If you’d like to book a wine tasting experience for more than 6 people GET IN TOUCH WITH US first and we’ll see what we can do for you!


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Monday to Saturday:  11am – 9pm.


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