Cooks Lot Wines


Cooks Lot is a boutique winery producing wines from the premium cool climate region of Orange.

Based on the edge of Mount Canobolas, crafting wines of distinction, complexity and elegance which exemplify the regions terroir.

Cooks Lot is focused on producing quality wines that are excellent value for money, James Halliday acknowledged this in the Australian Wine Companion by commenting ‘The modest pricing of all wines is striking’. Winestate regularly awards Cooks Lot wines in the ‘Top 40 Best Buys’.

Cooks Lot works with a number of small growers in Orange, that focus on growing premium fruit. The climate in Orange is strongly influenced by, and largely dependent on elevation. Hence the importance of growing any particular varietal at the appropriate altitude.

Which is why Cooks Lot fruit is grown in several vineyards at different altitudes and soils, rather than a single vineyard which is often the norm in Australia.
The name originated from the fact that we were working with several individual vineyard ‘Lots’ hence the name ‘Cooks Lot’ as many wines were and still are from single vineyard lots.

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