Manners Wines


Manners Wine represents the best of my past, present and future. Small batch and experimental with a goal of producing interesting wines with a gentle hand.

Like all adventures there is no straight line path, everyone is shaped by their experiences and has a story to tell. This is mine….

It started with a long lunch, as it should, in the South West of France. A military path was looming as an option but as the food arrived and the wine flowed conversations turned to an opportunity to study at Chateau La Tour Blanche, so instead of getting drunk, waking up with a tattoo and joining the army I woke to find myself enrolled in a wine school. It was probably time to learn French! I’ll fill you in with the rest of the story if we ever share a drink but suffice to say it’s been a busy few years since that lunch in 1992.

Winemaker Montrose Wines (Mudgee)
Winemaker / Winery Manager Orlando Wyndham Mudgee Winery
Winemaker Inniskillin Wines, home of the worlds greatest Icewine (Canada)
Senior Winemaker Robert Oatley Vineyards (Mudgee)
Winemaker Domaine des Collines (Bordeaux)

Winemaker / Owner Manners Wine – the midlife crisis and fun part.
Winemaker / Consultant for First Ridge Wines – (specialising in Italian varietals)
Winemaker / Consultant for Jamieson Estate

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