Bloodwood 2016 Big Men in Tights

Bloodwood Wines


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2016 Big Men In Tights (caution, may contain traces of nuts).

 "About as red as the hair of your standard fish shop politician, this 100% #hsp free wholly Australian grown, wholly Australian made and wholly bunch-pressed rose′ of Malbec with just a touch of very bloody Franc Cabernet will thrill and delight you with its straightforwardness and its, um, umami. Now we all know that Malbec is the black grape of Cahors, but I do not believe the colour of the skin determines whether a wine is disadvantaged in this hipster market place. Breeding and controlled extraction is the key here. Proper pinks can't all be pale but their flavours need to  assimilate and work together or we'll all be swamped by artisans. Enjoy in moderation."

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