Canobolas Smith 2009 'Alchemy'

Canobolas Smith


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Alchemy can be considered as a transformation from a lower to a higher state. From lead to gold, grapes to wine, four young Liverpudlians to the Beatles, it is continually occurring. Alchemy is a blend of the best barrels of the vintage to create a wine that surpasses the individual components. It is not produced in all vintages. Cabernet Sauvignon provides dark forest berries, structure and length. Cabernet Franc contributes a lot of perfumed aromas, red-fruit characters and chocolate and Shiraz adds spice, pepper and vibrancy.  With these components the wines show a wonderful completeness, with elegance, complexity and length. Like our Chardonnay this wine also ages incredibly well, maintaining its youth well beyond 10-15 years of age.

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